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You may need a medical specialist, but not know where or how to look. That’s when you need Grand Rounds Visits. We match you with a top physician specializing in your condition and practicing near you, and handle all the appointment logistics for you. But we don’t leave it at that: we follow up on every visit to ensure you received the best treatment possible.

Top 3% of Physicians In Their Fields

Grand Rounds only works with the highest-quality providers in the United States: they’re ranked in the top 3% of physicians in their fields.

What makes our physician network so powerful? We don’t accept just anyone. We have stringent standards for admitting doctors into our Expert Opinions or Office Visits network, which include:

  • Institution (is the physician associated with a top-quality one?)
  • Training (where did the physician study?)
  • Research (does the physician publish in his or her area of study?)
  • Reputation (what do the physician’s peers think?)

We only accept the best, ensuring that you only receive the best.

How Grand Rounds Visits Works

Schedule an appointment with a local leading specialist. Here’s how:

  • 1) MATCH
    We identify the top two leading physicians for your condition, in your area, who accept your insurance.
    We book your office visit with the specialists of your choice so you can get seen as quickly as possible.
  • 3) PREP
    We securely consolidate your medical records and medical imaging into one file for your specialist.
  • 4) FOLLOW UP
    We’ll touch base with you after the appointment to ensure that your visit was world class.

Save Time When It Matters

Let’s face it: without a service like Grand Rounds Visits, you’re left to the mercies of the Internet. You can search for hours, and even talk to friends – only to find that there’s no good, objective source for physician quality. Your health and well-being is too important to leave to chance.

Let Grand Rounds find and match you with the exact specialist you need, ensuring you receive the right care at the right time.

World-Leading Experts Have Your Back

After your visit, our panel of world-leading experts reviews your care. This is another step we take to ensure quality. More importantly, if there’s a newer, more effective or less invasive treatment available, our panelists can tell your specialist about it.

The Grand Rounds aftercare review process isn’t about second guessing. Our panelists are the leading researchers developing new cutting-edge treatments and procedures that’ll be the standard of care 10-20 years down the road. Making them available today helps improve outcomes by providing you with the highest-quality healthcare.